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BFit has saved my life.
Over the past 4 years, I would wake up every day miserably out of energy and in a fog. Imagine being in a nightmare that you are always running, exhausted and unable to escape.Daytime was just as bad. If I was working from my home office I would struggle every mid afternoon to stay awake. My job also required that I sometimes drive for hours at a time and when I did I often stopped at Rest Areas worrying I may fall asleep at the wheel.
This miserable scenario was my life for years! I felt horrible and knew I was not nice to be around.
Then last year after struggling through a morning Mountain Bike Ride I had a conversation with Dr. Tim Bandeen. During our post ride conversations I described my situation to him and he told me about your work with the BFit product. With your initial discussion and the sleep test results, I was shocked to find out how bad my nightly sleep and oxygen intake was. I found out my body spent over 50% of the time in a 'stopped breathing' state! This explained why previous doctor visits resulted in low oxygen levels. It also explained why I constantly woke up through the night gasping and trying to shake out my stinging hands. I mistakenly thought I was just cramping. Imagine my surprise to find out I was instead breaking down from asphyxiation!
Introduce the use of BFit. The morning after my first BFit use my wife woke up exclaiming that I had snored a 10th of the amount I normally had. I was stunned to find the immediate snoring relief and improvement in my sleep. The improvement in my health, awareness and overall emotional well being has been nothing short of remarkable.
The nightly gasping and stinging appendages are gone.
The mornings of pain, fog and disorientation are gone.
The daytime exhaustion is gone.
I feel like I just earned 5 years back to my life in energy and effectiveness! This is why I enthusiastically tell people BFit has saved my life!
Thank You

Terry Martin

Battle Creek MI

Sarah and Ron Vollink Bfit Patient

To say that Bandeen Orthodontics and Center for Dental Sleep Medicine changed my life is an understatement. They saved my life.
I remember sitting in their lobby waiting for a routine exam of my teenager’s braces when I noticed information about Bfit. I remember thinking that the brochure seemed like it was written about me: not sleeping well; waking up tired; snoring; feeling foggy all the time. As a 40-something, I hadn’t gotten to the point yet of worrying about my own health. Who has time for that?
Like any other appointment at Bandeen, the process of preparing for a Bfit Sleep Appliance was painless and seamless. I did a sleep study and found out I had pretty severe sleep apnea. It wasn’t just affecting my sleep – it was affecting my health and wellbeing. But the thought of a sleep apnea machine was horrific to me (and Bandeen explained that a BFit is often necessary to help make sleep apnea machines work most effectively).
I’m not going to lie – the first time I put on my Bfit Sleep Appliance, I thought, “There is no way I’m going to be able to sleep with this big chunk of plastic in my mouth!” But that very first night, I slept like I hadn’t slept since I was a teenager. I even dreamed – something I wasn’t aware I had stopped doing because of my sleep apnea. I was so well rested when I woke up that I didn’t know where I was!
An added benefit for my personal situation was that I found out I was also a jaw clencher. I actually clenched my jaws so severely that I broke several appliances (with such loud “cracks” in the middle of the night that they woke my husband up!). Had I not found Bandeen and BFit (or if I only used a machine), those cracks would have been in my teeth! Each time, Bandeen worked with me to make a stronger appliance and to replace the one that I broke.
It has been several years now since I found Bfit and the benefits keep coming. Both of my in-laws wear one now (with their sleep apnea machines) and after years of begging, my husband finally started wearing one too. His loud snoring was keeping me up at night – every night. He was so adamant about not needing one and not having a sleep health issue – it nearly caused us to start sleeping in separate rooms. Now even this big sceptic sleeps so much better with his BFit (and so much quieter!).
Thank you, Bandeen, and your amazing staff (especially Chris) for saving my life and changing it in such a simple (but profound) way.
To all parents in their 40s or 50s sitting in the lobby waiting for your teenager’s appointments and feeling exhausted – it isn’t just that you have a lot on your plate. You may be suffering from sleep apnea or other sleep health issues. Give yourselves the greatest gift – make an appointment to see if you, too, can rest well!
With sincerest gratitude,

Sarah J. Vollink