Attention Dental Professionals

Help promote healthy sleep patterns & drastically improve the quality of life for your patients with Bfit Oral Sleep Appliances for Sleep Apnea. 

Why are dental professionals choosing Bfit?

A high quality product with reliable results.

At Bfit we understand that as a doctor, the quality and effectiveness of the products you choose to care for your patients is of the utmost priority.

This is why our Bfit Oral Sleep Appliances are made from the highest quality materials, with a dynamic design, uniquely customized to produce reliable results. 

With our Bfit Oral Sleep Appliances, you can be sure that you're providing your patients with a solution to their snoring or Sleep Apnea problems. Our mild power-chain driven device provides full mandible freedom while in place, and our custom fit molding process ensures a tight comfortable fit for regular use. 

Additionally, we have integrated in the patent-pending DentiTrac micro recording technology to enhance your ability to track patient compliance and better promote continued use. 

  • FDA Cleared
  • Providing patients full mandibular freedom while in place
  • FDA Cleared with Braebon Micro-Recording Technology


Patients using Bfit Sleep Devices regularly report a drastic reduction in snoring and huge increases in REM sleep. Better sleep leads to a healthier lifestyle, more energy, and overall quality of life.

More Benefits of Bfit Oral Sleep Appliances

  • Industry-leading customer service and shipping
  • Optimized patient comfort through our custom manufacturing process
  • Always fit to your prescription for each patient
  • We provide specific custom design options, which we digitally save on your behalf, making for easy replacement
  • DentiTrac Micro-Recording Technology to assist in patient use compliance
  • & much more!