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Dynamic Oral Appliance

Sleep Better With Bfit Oral Sleep Appliances

With Bfit Oral Sleep Appliances you can finally get a better nights sleep!

Our FDA Cleared Oral Sleep Apnea Appliances are easy to use, cost-efficient, comfortable, and effective at helping patients achieve a good night's sleep.

Easy. Comfortable. Effective.

Easy To Use

Let' face it, one of the biggest issues with oral sleep appliances is how difficult they can be to custom fit. To be truly effective, the appliance must bend to the specific contours and shapes of each patients' mouth. In the past, both doctors and patients alike have struggled to achieve this perfect fit, but not anymore! With Bfit you will easily be able to take an impression and send for creation, guaranteeing a perfect fit every time.

Comfortable To Wear

For years patients have complained about how uncomfortable oral sleep appliances for sleep apnea can be. Responsible for causing drooling, dry mouth, sores, and a variety of different other discomforts. But with Bfit those days of discomfort are long gone. Our custom fit paired with our proprietary design enable Bfit to be worn without discomfort, drastically increasing the amount of use by the typical patient.  

Effective In Use

Not only is Bfit easy to use, custom-fitted, and extremely comfortable - it is also effective! Patients report a drastic reduction in snoring, increases in REM sleep, and huge impacts on their overall wellbeing after using our oral appliance device. Our Bfit oral sleep apnea mouthguards are made from the highest quality materials, and FDA certified for our patients highest safety. If you want to take back your night, check out our amazing line of products today! 


Learn more about why dental experts around the country are choosing Bfit as their go-to dental sleep appliance for treating sleep apnea. 


Are you ready for a better night's sleep? Learn more about how people around the country have turned to Bfit, to help make it a reality. 

What Makes Bfit Different?

BFIT Impression Kit

Please watch the Bfit impression video for a tutorial on how to perform your custom Bfit impression.

What They're Saying

Over the past 4 years, I would wake up every day miserably out of energy and in a fog. Imagine being in a nightmare that you are always running, exhausted and unable to escape. Daytime was just as bad. Introduce the use of BFit. The morning after my first BFit use my wife woke up exclaiming that I had snored a 10th of the amount I normally had. I was stunned to find the immediate snoring relief and improvement in my sleep. The improvement in my health, awareness and overall emotional well being has been nothing short of remarkable. The nightly gasping and stinging appendages are gone. The mornings of pain, fog and disorientation are gone. The daytime exhaustion is gone. I feel like I just earned 5 years back to my life in energy and effectiveness! This is why I enthusiastically tell people BFit has saved my life! Thank You Terry Martin Battle Creek MI

Terry Martin
Bfit Sleep Patient